Liver Cancer Survivor: Beating Cancer’s Return

Ms. Hirashima
Hiroshima, Japan

Two years ago, a polyp was found in my large intestine. I had surgery to remove it and the doctor assured me he got the malignant part out. However, he recommended that I still take 3 anti-cancer pills every day just to be safe. If my cancer did not come back within two years, it would mean I was fully recovered. I was relieved to hear this and my first checkup showed no malignancy.

But one year after the operation, I found out that my cancer cells had metastasized to other parts of my body including my liver. I was shocked. I went through radiation treatment and I realized that if I kept on ignoring my illness, I could die.

Then my daughter brought me a book written by Dr. Wang Zhengguo, the creator of Tian Xian Liquid. I absorbed everything the book said. After leaving the hospital, I immediately bought Tian Xian Liquid and started on my healing regimen. At the time, a checkup did not show any abnormality in my body so I returned to work.

Now, I take Tian Xian Liquid 6 times a week. I also drink a big cup of juice — mixing root-tuber of aromatic turmeric (granule), citric acid, carrot, banana, milk and sesame.

Physically and Mentally Healthy

Now, my health is excellent. My strength and mental state are good as well. My two years dealing with cancer seemed like a nightmare. When I was in the hospital, I once asked a nurse whether life can go back to normal after cancer. She told me that once cancer has metastasized, the majority of patients have to go back to the hospital for repeated treatments.

So Tian Xian Liquid not only saved my life but it kept my sanity. My gratitude to Tian Xian Liquid is beyond words.

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