Stomach Cancer Survivor: Given One Year to Live

Mrs. Takada

It was at the end of 1998 that I found out mother had stomach cancer. A medical check-up showed that my mother’s cancer had progessed to Stage 3 and she was given one year to live. We didn’t tell her about the diagnosis. We told her she had ulcer and that she might need surgery to remove three fourths of her stomach and the surrounding lymph glands.

Although the doctor recommeded surgery, I looked for medicines that could prolong her life without needing to go through Western medical treatments and the suffering they cause. At this time, a friend introduced me to Tian Xian Liquid.

Since my mother didn’t know she had cancer, she didn’t drink Tian Xian Liquid for almost half a year. After the cancer spread to her pelvis, we had to tell her the truth. My  mother decided to rely on Tian Xian Liquid and she started drinking it immediately.

Soon after the cancer cells metastasized to her ovary, my mother had her ovaries removed. While receiving intravenous injection of an anti-cancer drug, she not only maintained her strength but also recovered quickly. This surprised the doctor because generally, the side effects of anti-cancer drugs caused weakness and compromised the immune system.

However, my mother still did light housework and did not even lose her appetite. We thank Tian Xian Liquid. I think it would be a different case altogether if we only relied on Western medicine.

My  mother still drinks 4 bottles of Tian Xian Liquid every day. She has outlived the doctor’s prediction and continues to do well.

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