Uterus Cancer Survivor: Tumor Shrank After Taking Herbal Remedy

Ms. Chen Qing Yun

I come from a poor family and I need to work daily in order to survive. One day, I felt severe pain to the extent that I couldn’t even sit down. Aside from the pain, there was also a lot of discharge (bowel movement). I then decided to go to the hospital for a medical checkup.

The result of the checkup concluded that there was a 10 cm tumor in the uterus and it was in its terminal stage. The doctor said surgery was unavoidable, but the recovery rate is minimal. Finally, I decided to go through surgery.

“I began taking Tian Xian Liquid in March 1993 and in about 2 weeks, the bleeding stopped.”

Later, some of my friends heard about Tian Xian Liquid from the news and its effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical tests in hospitals throughout the country. One of my friends was able to try it and the result was satisfying.

I began taking Tian Xian Liquid in March 1993 and in about 2 weeks, the bleeding stopped. A month later, the pain was reduced and I could sit down.

“The tumor was reduced to 6 cm in diameter.”

A checkup conducted in March 1997 showed that the tumor was reduced to 6 cm in diameter.

Now, it is down to 3 cm in diameter. It is progressively getting smaller over time. My condition is back to normal and I can go back to work.

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