Colon Cancer Survivor: Recovery After Stage 3

Mr. Goh Deo Chek
75 years old
3rd stage colon cancer
Segamat, Johor, Malaysia

In 1998, at the age of 63, my health started to decline. My weight plummeted, but I did not see the doctor. When my out-of-town son came to visit me on August 31, 1998, he insisted on bringing me to a hospital in Melaka for a medical check-up.

Surgery Even Before I knew I Had Cancer

The next day the doctor told my wife that I had colon cancer, stage 3. It was very serious because my bladder was also affected. I had to undergo surgery straightaway. My wife told me I had a blocked colon and needed an operation the next day. Part of my colon, the surrounding lymphatic system and a tumor were surgically removed. I was hospitalized for 15 days.

Not wanting to worry our children, my wife only told our eldest daughter about my condition.

In October 1998, I went through chemotherapy for 6 months. The side effects were terrible. I experienced hair loss, a lot of eye gum every morning, which made it difficult to open my eyes, piles, lethargy and extreme discomfort all over.

Discovering Tian Xian Liquid

Around that time, my eldest daughter read about TXL in Asia Weekly. She learned that TXL could diminish chemotherapy side effects, alleviate cancer suffering and even improve the prognosis. Still I was not fully aware of my own condition at the time.

When I began taking TXL, at first I thought it caused the chemo side effects. However, my daughter assured me that TXL would instead reduce the side effects and encouraged me to keep taking it. After taking TXL and Tian Xian pill no. 3, the chemo side effects subsided tremendously. My diarrhea and vomiting stopped, so I skipped the antiemetic. Puzzled, the doctor asked me whether I had been taking some other medicine. I told him about TXL.

Energetic Through Chemo

I was quite energetic during my six months of chemo. I was not homebound; I went out to have tea with friends as usual. I was completely bald at that time, yet I did not bother to wear a hat. When concerned friends asked me about it, I told them what I now knew — I had colon cancer. I didn’t hide the truth, and never grumbled or wallowed in self-pity because it would not do me or my family any good. I had to face the truth and just let it be. The doctor told me I could eat anything but my beloved wife prepared health-promoting, home-cooked food.

After the chemo, a medical check-up showed that I was cancer-free. My friends and relatives were surprised that instead of being weak, I was quite energetic. To avoid a relapse, each of my 3 working children chipped in RM1000 to buy TXL for me, so I was able to continue enjoying it for years. My body was properly nourished and medical exams found me to be healthy and normal.

Other friends introduced direct-selling products to me, but I always insisted on taking TXL only. Now, my wife and I recommend TXL to friends who have cancer. We hope it will help more cancer patients.

Grateful to My Wife’s Loving Care and Support

I’m thankful to my wife for her support and loving care. When I was undergoing cancer therapy, she always reminded me that life was transient and that we should accept our lot in life. She would remind me other people were worse off. I discovered later that she had been secretly crying. She said it would be better for her to suffer alone.

Twelve years have passed. Some of my friends have died of cancer so I am grateful that I survived the ordeal. In retrospect, I can’t help but feel extremely fortunate. What if my daughter had not read about TXL, or we had not believed in it?

Today, I am a volunteer worker at Teochew Association and Segamat Chinese Dialysis Centre. I have been here for 15 years. When I help others, I forget about my own suffering. It is always good to be of service.

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