Key Ingredients

Tian Xian Liquid: Key Ingredients


Revitalise energy, invigorating spleen, quenching thirst, tranquilise the mind, able to restore blood vessels, rescue collapse, nourish the body as well as to strengthen phagocytes and enhance lymphatic system. Presently used to treat cardiovascular diseases, shock and reduce blood sugar level.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Able to strengthen immune system, nourish cardiovascular system, reduce cholesterol level, enhance blood circulation, invigorate lungs and kidney, optimise male sexual function, inhibit cough, used to treat chronic cough, hemoptysis, impotence, premature involuntary sperm emission and weakened after illness, great medicine for anticancer too. 

Ganoderma Lucidum

Evacuate retention, invigorating spleen, able to fight against cancer, invigorate lungs, nourish cardiovascular health, tranquilise mind. Presently used to treat dyslipidemia, acute coronary disease, cardiac arrhythmia, leukopenia , and diabetic.

Lycium Chinensis

Improve eye sight, nourish liver and kidney, contain great range of nutrients and trace elements, other than reducing fat, often used to treat diabetes patient who is suffering from weaken liver function and kidney function , anaemia and poor eye sight.

Fructus Ligustri Lucidi

Able to nourish liver and kidney, revitalise hair and sight, tranquilise minds, able to cure giddiness, tinnitus, poor eye sight as well as insomnia, palpitation and cardiac pain caused by weak liver, and able to cure leukopenia.

Sculellaria Barbata

Able to perform heat clearing and intoxifying, invigorate the circulation of blood, clear damp-heat , expel phlegm, cure cough and asthma, able to inhibit tumours and relieve bronchial spasm.


Tranquilise mind, relieve convulsion and bulbar conjunctiva, revitalise liver and eye sight, cure ulcer, intoxifying and regenerating tissue to heal wounds.

Chinese Yam Rhizome

Invigorating spleen, revitalise lungs,improve male sexual health.

Effectively cure astheniac cough, fatigue, loss of appetite and anemia. Also, enhance phagocytosis.


Able to revitalise spleen and stomach, cure cardiac deficiency, asthenia, palpitation, cardiac pain, knotted pulse. Able to do heat-clearing, intoxifyng, expel phlegm and inhibit cough, relieving spasm and pain, regulate therapeutic effect, reduce the toxic and side effect of other medications.

Astragalus Hoangtchy

Able to enhance immune system, powerful anti-oxidant, delay aging process. And fight against fatigue, virus and tumors, heal asthenia, poor digestion, diabetic kidney disease and cancerous patients.



Dr. Guo’s inspiration in his quest to challenge cancer started when he was an intern, after witnessing a 12-year old girl kneel before a physician begging to save her mother’s life.  This started his journey of collecting and categorizing various raw materials from the Chang Bai Mountains, and identifying their anti-cancer properties.