Lymphoma Cancer Survivor: I Beat Cancer Four Times

Mrs. Matsuda

In 1993, I was admitted to the hospital for ovarian cancer where I had surgery and cancer treatment. I regained my strength and energy and life returned to normal.

But in June 1995 I felt a lot of pain and coughed terribly. I had difficulty eating. A medical checkup reveale a malignant tumor in the lymph nodes around the stomach. I received cancer drug treatment for six months and it was during this time that I heard of Tian Xian liquid through news reports.

The news article said that a late-stage cancer patient in Chuan Yue Dai Jing San Hospital got better after drinking Tian Xian liquid. Upon reading this, I immediately gave the product a try.

First, I obtained detailed information about Tian Xian liquid. I believed in the product and I started to drink the liquid in October. I sought the doctor’s opinion about the liquid and he said that since its purpose is to cure cancer, I might as well give it a try. So I did.

In April of the following year, I was in the hospital again for three months to get a transplant of bone stem cells and for cancer drug treatment. Still, I did not stop taking the Tian Xian liquid.

Although I knew beforehand that I will suffer side effects from anti-cancer drugs such as loss of appetite and hair loss, the doctor told me that the transplant was equivalent to a large dose of the anti-cancer drug. I suffered terribly from the side effects as I went through two kinds of treatments at the same time. I constantly felt sick and unable to eat. I felt like this was the end. I thought about death. But I recovered.

Although my life went back to normal, a tumor was found again, in my pelvis in August 1997 despite not having any obvious symptoms. I was back in the hospital for the cancer drug treatment.

The full treatment took months and I was finally released from the hospital in January 1998. The tumor indicator at that time read 110. The doctor said that should it rise to 150, I should immediately get to the hospital and avail of another round of cancer drug treatments.

After the indicator rose once I left the hospital, I asked Dr. Wang for the correct dosage of Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills and added it to my normal intake. As a result, the tumor indicator dropped gradually to 50 in May. Although the tumor indicator was not stable at this time, I was convinced that I can finally beat cancer. I placed all my hope on Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills. Now, the tumor indicator came in within the normal range.

I have cheated death many times and I refuse to give up. When I was in the hospital, I met many patients but very few survived. The most important thing is to enjoy every day of our limited time on earth because there are events outside our control and no one can escape death. When I take this attitude, I feel happy and elated and I actually felt stronger.

A friend once told me that our life span is not necessarily determined whether or not we are free of disease. I agree with her. Another friend of mine looked healthy on the outside but fainted one day due to a cerebral aneurysm and passed away. I’m a cancer patient but I managed to live longer than she did. Now, I am healthy.

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