Lymphoma Cancer Survivor: Tumor Greatly Reduced

Mr. Keung
Hong Kong

One summer two years ago, I suddenly fainted. I had always been quite healthy so this came as a shock to me. When I went to see a doctor, I was told I had dropsy in the lung and heart, and lymphoma cancer. Due to my age and health condition, surgery was considered high risk. Later, the doctor told me that there was only a 20% possibility I would improve even with continuous radiation and chemotherapy.

I stayed at the hospital for three months with no actual treatments being done. My physical condition deteriorated and my weight drastically dropped. In autumn of the same year, a friend told me about Tian Xian liquid, which was featured in the newspaper. After learning more about the product, my family decided that it was the product for me.

I drank Tian Xian liquid for two months and my weight increased. Chemotherapy was also started at that time but I still continued drinking Tian Xian liquid. As we know, chemotherapy leads to hair loss as well as loss of appetite. I neither lost my hair nor my appetite. I never felt like vomiting either.

Since I had been working in a fiber factory and later in a gas station, the doctor suspected that the cancer might have been a result of the toxic environment. In December, I went for another medical checkup. My lymphoma tumor was much smaller! I also felt much better.

Now, I also use Tian Xian suppository reguarly. I am very happy and I’m glad I was willing to try new things.

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