Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: A Surprise Diagnosis

Chin Kooi Choo
74 years old
Kedah, Malaysia

As I got older, I have learned to go with the flow after going through so much in life. Life is easier this way. Maybe it was this attitude and healthy eating that I am usually seldom sick. I wonder why youngsters today always seem so sickly. I had never had to worry about my health, though in these past 3 years, I had been talking to my friends and relatives a lot about cancer, the most abominable disease ever. Little did I know I would be struck by it in November 2007.

How Could I have Cancer of the Pancreas When I Felt Fine?

I live in Kulim, Kedah. I started working at the age of 17. I was a wonder woman in local business when I was young, having worked hard to open my own hardware business, which I ran for a few decades. Now my hardware shop has expanded to cover 3 adjoining store lots. After work, I would go home and rest, watch TV, read newspapers, listen to music or take a nap. It was my routine. I would go for annual medical check-ups regularly as I got older, and the reports always came back clean. I paid close attention to my physical condition, but I did not find anything unusual before the cancer struck.

I went for a check-up in March 2007 because I was a bit puzzled by my brownish urine. The doctor did the check-up but did not say anything. I was puzzled but not suspicious of anything.

Later my niece took me for another check-up in Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang. The doctor did not tell me the bad news but broke it to my niece instead. I had a 6 cm tumor in my pancreas. My family members hid the truth from me lest I would freak out. The doctor just told me that I needed an abdominal operation but declined to tell me any details. Thinking it was only minor surgery, I woke up after the operation to find a 19 cm-long wound across my tummy. It was definitely major surgery.

The Unbearable Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Only when my condition had stabilized did the doctor and my family members tell me the truth. They said I would have to undergo chemotherapy after the operation because cancer of the pancreas is very difficult to cure. The chemotherapy weakened my body. I lost my appetite completely. I would vomit until bile appeared even If I just took some liquid food. That was when I learned of the appalling side effects of chemotherapy.

Then I read about a book entitled “Thank God I Had Cancer” in a newspaper advertisement. I asked my niece to get me a copy. I learned a lot about cancer from the book and understood the harmful effects of chemotherapy to the body. At the same time, I became aware of an herbal medicine called Tian Xian Liquid that could control cancer effectively and mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy, ameliorating the suffering of a cancer patient.

Stopped Chemotherapy and Took Tian Xian instead

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor - FamilyThus I decided to quit the chemotherapy and try Tian Xian Liquid. I can still remember I became more energetic and rosy after taking it for a few days, so much so that I developed an urge to check up on my shop. This experience boosted my confidence in the product. After taking it for 2 weeks, my appetite improved tremendously and I could eat more. I became stronger day by day. I went back to the hardware shop very soon, looking through the accounts. When I scrutinized my treatment cost, excluding surgery and other medical bills, I found that the chemotherapy alone had cost me more than RM180,000.

I was glad that I discovered Tian Xian Liquid in time to help me gain strength and lift my spirits. I was also glad of quitting the chemotherapy early. When asked about the actual number of chemotherapy sessions, the doctor could not give me a definite answer. He even called me a year later to go back for chemotherapy. A year later, when I went back for a check-up, he gave me a clean bill of health.

Enjoying Healthy Living

Three years have gone by and I am still taking Tian Xian Liquid because I believe it can prevent a relapse. The first 5 years after a cancer treatment is the most critical, so I have to be very careful in everything I do in order to prevent a relapse. I consider Tian Xian Liquid as a health food supplement. After all I am not young anymore. I must keep up with proper health maintenance so that I can lead a healthy life in my senior years. I recommended Tian Xian Liquid to all my friends and relatives who have cancer, hoping that it would be a great help to them.

I still enjoy going to work at my shop until today. To me, walking around the three shop lots is a good form of exercise. I used to drink three cups of coffee everyday, and the habit stuck with me for almost 20 years. But now I have stopped drinking coffee because my niece told me that excessive coffee could be carcinogenic too. I kicked the habit cold turkey for the sake of my own health. I am very careful with my diet and lifestyle these days. I want to live longer and spend more quality time with my family.

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