Stomach Cancer Survivor: Tumor Disappeared In a Year

Ms. Yeung Ching Wan
Hong Kong

I have been a cancer survivor for nine years. Here is my story.

I was at work one day when I passed out unexpectedly. After some tests, an endoscope examination showed that there was a tumor in my stomach. It was the size of a bean and it made me feel like I had gastritis. In less than a month, it grew to the size of an egg.

My heart sank. It was cancer — and when cancer grows this quickly, surgery might not help. My doctor told me I only had 3 months to live.

“My doctor told me I only had 3 months to live”

I was so shocked that I couldn’t say a word. I decided not to have surgery or any type of therapy. I went home to spend my last days with my family.

Then I found out about Tian Xian Liquid. I thought it might have a shot at prolonging my life — or at least make my final days a little easier, so I began taking it.

Surprisingly, the vomiting and sense of illness went away and I regained my appetite.

“The tumor has totally disappeared.”

After using it continuously for a year, the egg-sized tumor shrank to the size of a bean.

In a recent check-up, I found out that the tumor has totally disappeared!

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