Liver Cancer Survivor: From Despair to Hope

Mr. Kido Osaka

My liver has not functioned well for more than 20 years so I take the medicine my doctor gave me. I was diagnosed as suffering from Hepatitis C and received treatment.

Two years later, the disease was brought under control and I was relieved. However, the disease deteriorated suddenly and developed into cancer.

After I underwent liver artery embolism in July 1998, I was almost cured. But cancer cells were found near the portal vein. Another liver artery embolism did not achieve the same effect. It was like a bolt from the blue! In search of another treatment, I was told that hospital of Tokyo University was carrying out the latest “radiotherapy treatment,” sending out radioactive waves from the top of needle through the wavelength of MICRO wave. It can kill cancer cells 3 times more than before. So I immediately went to hospital of Tokyo University to receive that treatment.

However, that hospital is a research institute whose main function is not treating patients. Patients who covered a long distance to arrive here were transferred to other relevant hospitals on the grounds there were not enough beds. I waited several months, only to be told that “your disease is beyond cure by any means” and made to leave.

Despair beyond description overwhelmed me and I could only glare at the doctor dumbfounded. That night, tears flowed the whole night and I could not close my eyes in the subsequent days and nights. Nurses kindly suggested that I take a walk outside, “Be open-minded. Take a walk in Tokyo.” Thus, my wife and I discarded all worry temporarily and enjoyed the happiness of shopping.

Hope emerged from the darkness

Maybe the tour of Tokyo relieved my worry. I calmed down and considered what the doctor said. Finally, I decided to receive treatment in the radiation department of the hospital of Tokyo University. Unexpectedly, doctors from different departments of the same hospital made quite different diagnoses. “Mr. Muhu, your disease is not very serious, so you do not have to worry about it.” The new radiation treatment is controlled by a computer and only works on cancer cells. Besides, the side-effect is not so violent as before. What was even more exciting was that the doctor said there are hospitals of the same level in the Guanxi area and they would transfer me there.

In November, 1999, I was sent to hospital to receive radiation treatment 25 times. In January, 2000, I underwent an embolism treatment for the newly found tumor in my liver. It was at that time that I began to drink Tien Hsien Liquid, for I thought even if Western medicine could cure the disease, the effect would not be most satisfactory if my immunity was not strong enough. So I placed all my hope on Tien Hsien Liquid. One month later, the tumors at portal vein, three lymph glands and liver were gone.

“How did they disappear?” the doctor asked in surprise. “It is so incredible. I do not know what to say. “ Even the doctor could not believe the dramatic change. A subsequent examination showed cancer of a small size in the lung. The doctor said that the radiation treatment could cure it, so I felt relieved. Although I got to know Tien Hsien Liquid only recently, I would continue with it in order to defeat cancer.

I was once thrown into great despair, but I am convinced that I can climb up from the bottom of valley to hope.

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