Liver Cancer Survivor: Given 6 Months to Live

Putlapun, Thailand

In June 1998, the doctor found a tumor of 9 cm by 10 cm in my liver. The diagnosis was late-stage cancer and I was told I only had six months to live. After going through chemotherapy twice, I suffered the side effects of vomiting, hair loss, and constant pain. The tumor, though, had gotten smaller.

In November, a friend introduced me to Tian Xian Liquid so I started to drink 60 ml per day, together with Tian Xian pills and Tian Xian paste. Soon, the pain and other symptoms decreased.

Three months later, all symptoms, including jaundice disappeared. A check-up in February 1999 revealed that the tumor had shrunk to 8.2 cm by 8.3 cm. The doctor advised that I should undergo surgery but I refused because I believed that Tian Xian Liquid could cure my cancer. I continued to take Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian Pills.

The tumor got smaller and smaller. In May 2000, it went down to 6 cm! It had been 2 years since the doctor told me that I only had six months to live.

Later, this same doctor said that since the tumor had gotten smaller, surgery was no longer necessary. I gained weight — from 75 kg to 93 kg. Now, the doctor wants me to watch my weight! 

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